Get into the swing of things and have some fun with the whole family at The Hidden Forest Wildlife Sanctuary in the Dolphin Coast. Its popular sister sanctuary in Plettenberg Bay, Monkeyland, is the world’s first free-roaming multi-species primate sanctuary. But we'd like to boast now and mention that Monkeyland-KZN is larger, it is at 23 hectares, the largest free-roaming multi-species primate sanctuary in Africa.

The Hidden Forest Wildlife Sanctuary opened their doors in April 2019 and is the latest addition to the South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance group which also includes Birds of Eden and The Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary who have won several awards.

Situated in the Dolphin Coast region of KwaZulu-Natal, The Hidden Forest Wildlife Sanctuary is a must-see attraction whether you are a local or travelling through town.

The main mission at The Hidden Forest Wildlife Sanctuary is to educate and foster a greater understanding of primates as well as the threats and challenges they are facing. 

Family fun at The Hidden Forest Wildlife Sanctuary

At The Hidden Forest Wildlife Sanctuary , you can enjoy tours of the hidden forest on a monkey safari which allow you to spot the various species of primates that call the sanctuary their home, such as capuchin monkeys, ringtail and black-and-white ruffed lemurs, buff-cheeked gibbons, squirrel monkeys and black howler monkeys.

During a walking tour of the forest, you can encounter beautiful natural wonders that photographers and Instagrammers will love. Make sure you buy some souvenirs of your visit from the gift shop in the reception area after your visit - we have pretty coll keepsakes in stock.

When you start to feel a bit peckish you can make a stop at the pizza restaurant and enjoy a light meal with the whole family. There is also an outdoor children’s play area at The Hidden Forest Wildlife Sanctuary and environmental cinema to keep the kids entertained at all times during their visit.

Our eco-attraction is 100% family-friendly and can be visited no matter what the weather may bring. Visitors are advised to wear comfortable, closed shoes during their visit and to apply a decent layer of mosquito repellent as well.

Top reasons for visiting The Hidden Forest Wildlife Sanctuary:

1. You can see a variety of species of primates roaming freely in their forest home.

2. As you walk through the forest you will get to enjoy incredible natural surroundings.

3. The tours are educational and cater for families and children of all ages.

4. The Hidden Forest Wildlife Sanctuary has its own restaurant where you can sit together as a family and enjoy a delicious pizza meal.

5. There are plenty of areas for the kids to play and have fun during your visit.

6. We are open everyday of the year, we are family friendly (toddler-friendly too) and we are an all weather facility.

7. You vote with your wallet, and it is better to support sanctuaries that practice responsible wildlife tourism than those who do not do so.  Please dont support places that encourage wildlife interaction or places that make animals preform for your entertainment. - wild animals are #NotEntertainers.

8. Your visit will help us care for the #hiddenforest primates.

To find out more about The Hidden Forest Wildlife Sanctuary, give us a call on 032 004 0178/066 479 6138 or email Visit our website at Find them on WAZA or Google Maps

Please note: We have a strict no-touch policy at our primate sanctuary. Look, photograph, video, but please don’t touch.


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