Gorillas, monkeys and other primates must be saved from impending extinction, urge 31 scientists

We have one last opportunity to greatly reduce or even eliminate the human threats to primates ... they are our closest living biological relatives.

Ring-tailed lemurs face extinction amid sapphire-mining rush in Madagascar

They are disappearing right under our noses. It's likely that the ring-tailed lemur population will eventually collapse.

Using monkeys and apes in film and TV is misleading millions of viewers

AUDIENCES AND FILMMAKERS should be educated on the “unethical” nature of using primates in the film industry.

Why more than half of primate species are threatened with extinction

Our closest relatives are being wiped out and it's all our fault

Tiny 4.2 million-year-old monkey discovery casts new light on evolution

Nanopithecus browni weighed just one kilogram and was the size of a pineapple.

The discovery of a tiny monkey which weighed no more than a pineapple may change scientists’ understanding of how primates evolved. Researchers working in Kenya have found a 4.2 million-year-old fossil of a miniature monkey which only weighed one kilogram. The newly discovered species, Nanopithecus browni, is the same size as the world’s smallest Old World monkey, the talapoin.

What Nut-Eating Gorillas in Gabon Mean for Human Evolution

Researchers spent 6,000 hours documenting their diet. In Loango National Forest of Gabon, a group of western lowland gorillas sit down to dine. The gorilla diet is not exactly eclectic. It is mostly leaves, but this group does indulge in a fair bit of fruit.