(trading as Monkeyland and Birds of Eden)


All visitors acknowledge that they have read and understand this indemnity & disclaimer and agree to be bound by it, failing which he/she can choose not to enter the sanctuary and if he/she has paid for or bought tickets, to be reimbursed


OWN RISK: All visitors enter the sanctuary ENTIRELY AT THEIR OWN RISK.This is a wild life sanctuary the animals are wild, roam freely and are not constrained or fenced off from humans. You agree to OBEY AT ALL TIMES ANY ORDERS of management and/ or the  Guide.


INDEMNITY DISCLAIMER: You hold harmless and indemnify the OPERATOR, the Sanctuary and/or its members or it’s directors and /or employees and/or agents and/or suppliers against any consequences of visitors or incidents at the Sanctuary. The indemnity includes (without, limiting the generality of the foregoing) any loss of or damage to personal effects, illness, injury, harm or death (howsoever caused) and legal costs (of an attorney and own client scale that the Operator and/or the Sanctuary (or any of the other parties indemnified herein) may incur. This indemnity will apply irrespective of any act omission or negligence gross or otherwise on the part of the operator the sanctuary and or members and or members and or directors and or employees and or agents and or suppliers.


THE OPERATER: the sanctuary and or it’s members and or directors and or employers and or agents and or suppliers will under no circumstances be liable for any indirect consequential or special loss or damage irrespective of the cause.The above must be read in conjunction with the standard terms and conditions of primates resort PTY LTD a copy of which can be obtained from our offices or which can be viewed on our websites.