Born in the picturesque landscapes of Appenheul in The Netherlands, three young males entered the world as part of a noble cause. Hanuman Langurs, revered for their striking appearance and charismatic personalities, are CITES1 protected animals facing an uncertain future. To secure their survival, dedicated breeding facilities emerged, committed to the well-being and conservation of this species.

However, life took an unexpected turn for these three Hanuman Langurs when the patriarch of their troop decided it was time for them to venture out on their own. In the complex dynamics of primate societies, excess males are often pushed out, and our trio found themselves at a crossroads.

The call for help reached Isabel Wentzel, the curator at Monkeyland, known for its commitment to primate welfare and conservation. The Studbook keeper, responsible for maintaining the genetic records of captive populations, knew that finding a sanctuary where these Hanuman Langurs could live out their lives without the threat of backyard breeding was crucial.

Monkeyland, with its history of providing a safe haven for Hanuman and Dusky Leaf Langurs without engaging in breeding practices, emerged as the ideal solution. Isabel Wentzel, recognizing the significance of this mission, welcomed the Three Wise Men with open arms.

The Three Wise Men discovered are now living in the beauty of Monkeyland – a vast 12-hectare forest where they roam freely alongside other primates. The sanctuary's commitment to providing a natural and enriching environment resonated with the Hanuman Langurs, and they embraced their newfound freedom with joy.

Brought together by fate, the Three Wise Men formed a tight-knit bond, often you can find them huddled together, sharing warmth and companionship. Their playful antics and endearing interactions quickly endeared them to the staff and visitors alike. 

In the hearts of everyone at Monkeyland, the Three Wise Men are a cherished symbol of hope and resilience. Their story symbolized the power of collaboration between dedicated individuals and organizations working towards a common goal – the preservation and protection of endangered species.

And so, in the heart of South Africa, under the watchful eyes of Monkeyland, the Three Wise Men thrived, their story echoing through the trees, a testament to the enduring spirit of those who stand together for the well-being of our fellow creatures.