Lara Mostert: Square Metre Woman

Total commitment and a love for animals drives this Plettenberg Bay woman to try and change the law about whether animals can own the land on which they live, and so protect their habitat forever.

Can monkeys own land?

Faced with the reality that there’s nowhere in the world where the animals who live on the land can own it, Lara Mostert and Tony Blignaut of SAASA (the South African Animal Sanctuaries Alliance), decided to come up with a solution of their own.

Our African Grey Project at our sister sanctuary Birds of Eden

The aim: Finding a decent solution for the washouts of the African Grey Parrot pet industry in South Africa, a new home for ex-pet African Grey Parrots.

Ticket options galore

Did you know at our Plettenberg Bay based SAASA sanctuaries we offer you many different standard ticket options?

Monkeyland land sale

Innovative campaign will transfer control of land to the animals that live in this award-winning primate sanctuary near Plettenberg Bay.

Capuchin Monkeys

Capuchins monkeys are not only cute to look at but fun to learn about.

Granny DeBees help Monkeyland

Granny DeBee, the handknitting granny in The Crags decided that she would like to do something special for us and here it is. 

Nothing beats a good meal

Have you like others wondered what we feed our monkeys, apes and lemurs?  

Filming at Monkeyland

We are open for filming at the 12 hectare natural forest which is  

SKAL Garden Route member in Miami to receive international award

Skål Garden Route is delighted to announce that the South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA), owners of Monkeyland in The Crags, 2 more sanctuaries in Plet (The Crags) & 1 in Balito, KZN is the winner of the 2019 Sustainable Tourism Award in the category Major Tourist Attractions. Lara Mostert was in Miami to collect the award on behalf of SAASA.ational invited entries for the 2019 Sustainable Tourism Awards. A total of 56 entries from 25 countries from all over the world have this year competed.