We like giving our clients as many options as possible.  We therefor have seven...yes 7 different standard ticket options to choose from and one brand new exlusive ticket option!  Please note the rates below are valid from 1 January 2024 till 31 December 2024.  So what options do we have?

Our first three options is a single sanctuary ticket.  This is to visit either Monkeyland or Birds of Eden or Jukani Wildlife sanctuary.  The rate for this ticket till 31 December 2024 is R380 per adult and R190 per child. 

Monkeyland is our primate sanctuary where you go on a 1 hour guided tour with one of our guides into our natural forest and try and spot as many of our primates as possible. Our guide will give you interesting and fun facts about the primates while you take some photos. 


Birds of Eden is our massive bird aviary, the largest single dome aviary in the world.  Your visit here allows you to enjoy a hike at your leisure through out sanctuary.  The slower you go the more you will see of our over 300 birds of  200 different species of birds. 


Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary is our apex predator sanctuary. Here your walk through the 17 hectare park can be at your own leisure.  We do also offer the option for guided tours at this sanctuary.  Lions, Leopards, Tigers and more call this sanctuary their home. 

The next three options are COMBO options.  Here the choice is still yours!  

You can choose from any of these 3 Combo options below and the cost per ticket till 31 December 2024 is R610 per adult and R305 per child aged 3 to 12 years. The nice thing about your combo ticket is you can do it over 2 days and they do not even have to be consecutive days nor in the same week or month.  As long as you get to the 2nd sanctuary within a year from the first one and make sure to keep your ticket safe - we cannot reprint them so in the wallet they go. 


So one of the Combo options is a visit to Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary and Birds of Eden bird aviary.  This is perfect for people who love photography and want to take their own time to do the sanctuaries. in. 


Or of course you can do Monkeyland and Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary.  This visit will take a minimum of 2h30 to do both if you want to fit them in to the same day.  


Easily our most popular option is to do Monkelyand and Birds of Eden.  The original sanctuaries and they share a parking lot so it is easy to move from one to the next.  For me this is like getting the best of both worlds...the fun and entertaining monkeys and the serene and beautiful birds.  

Our best option for a ticket howerver is our TripTic or Three Sanctuary Hopper ticket.  This ticket gives you the best rate and the option to visit all three sanctuaries at your leisure. The rate for a TripTic till 31 December 2024 is R760 per adult and R380 per child aged 3 to 12.  As with all our other ticket options please note you can always ask for the Senior Tickets which in this case would be just R684 to do all three tickets.