Through the years Monkeyland has been a cameo in many films, series and reality tv shows!  Most notably of late it seems the perfect place for a bachelour or bachelourette to bring a suitor for a walk through the sanctuary.  

As is the case with realtors when it comes to movie scouts one thing is of the utmost importance....Location Location Location.  Not only does the scout need to find the perfect looking location it also needs to fit into their budget.  Then there is permits and permissions that need to be applied for and wait for a response can at times be dauting especially if the crew is short of time. 

With our sanctuary being located on the Garden Route it is very seldom that a shoot will have to be rescheduled due to bad weather.  There might honestly be a bit of a wait now and then but never a cancellation cause on the Garden Route if you do not like the weather just wait 10 minutes, it will change.  We also have just about every backdrop you can imagine here on the Garden Route. This are can offer you beach shots, dessert shots, forest shots, town shots, rural village shots and even more.  

At our sanctuary we can offer you amazing different forest shots and the best part is we always have animals in the background doing natural animal behaviours.  We are very film friendly complete with a special room at Monkeyland where the crew can relax with free coffee and ample sockets to plug items in to charge them.  

So next time you have to scout for a movie, series, tv show or even an advert and you need a forest back ground...look no have found the best location for you have found Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary!   

For more info email Lara