We will not, you’ll be pleased to know, be listing the entirety of Africa’s bird population here; that would be no fun for any of us. But, if you are unfamiliar with our flying friends over in Africa, here are a few species you would probably have heard of before:

  • Greater Flamingo

  • Ostrich

  • African Grey Parrot

  • Tawny Eagle

  • Vulture

  • Sacred Ibis

  • Great White Pelican

  • White Stork

Now, we know you’re here for the facts so let’s jump right in!

1. Fun Ostrich Facts

A lot of the population is aware that the ostrich is the fastest and largest two-legged animal on the planet. But, do you know the actual speed? If not, read on!

The average speed these amazing birds can sprint is 45 miles per hour. However, it has been recorded that the fastest speed they can achieve across a short period of time is 60 miles per hour. If you’re not awed by this, we would be surprised! 

Not to mention that they are, in fact, the strongest bird that has graced this earth too. Despite their light and sleek look, they can actually hold the weight of an average grown man. In some parts of Africa, they race ostriches due to this fact (and their quick speed, of course).

Even the eggs they lay have the ability to withstand a huge amount of pressure — from birth to death they are ridiculously resilient. 

2. Fun African Grey Parrot Facts

You might not think of parrots when you ponder the world’s most intelligent animals, but the African Grey Parrot is included in the cleverest animals on the globe. A fair amount of studies has gone into this and the research shows that these birds can identify, request, deny and categorize over 80 objects.

Also, much like our loyal humans out there, these parrots only mate with one “friend” at any given time. They even co-parent like we tend to and, as well as this, they display loving behavior such as grooming each other.

This may come as a surprise to you, but these birds have a brilliantly long lifespan. They live on average for up to 60 whole years! Some may even reach 80, meaning they outlive a lot of humans, even nowadays. 

Although we could talk about these gorgeous specimens for ages, we will move on after this last fact — African Grey Parrots are extremely social animals who nest in groups consisting of thousands! This possibly comes down to their intelligence as they can maintain very complex relationships with each other and co-habit wonderfully well. 

3. Fun Weaver Bird Facts

Have you ever heard of a Weaver bird? You may not have done but they are highly interesting little guys. 

They are aptly named as they craft delicate, intricate nests out of natural materials that they then weft and weave into a perfectly hardy structure. The male Weavers are the ones who actually make the nest, as it displays their ability and potential to any females who may want to mate with them. 

Female Weavers will decide on the nest that is right for them and, in doing this, they are not only ensuring they have the coziest house, they are also making sure their genetic line will be strong and sturdy — just like their home! 

Where to See These for Yourself?

There are plenty of great bird-watching spots in the world but please remember to respect the animals you are watching — never cage one for your pleasure and do not, under any circumstances, touch animals you see in captivity. 

If you can, visit their natural habitat and do not support zoos and the like that aren’t working on conservation and saving species! However, there is a wide array of sanctuaries that have an ethos with the best interests of the animals at their core. Conservation parks that offer a vast landscape of their inhabitant’s natural habitat are the ones you should be looking to visit. 

So, now you are truly ready to go forth and explore the wonderful world of African birds

Article by: Dogviously