Our Vision

Monkeyland is part of the South Africa Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA) family. SAASA aims to create awareness about the plight of the world's wildlife and to show that with a greater understanding for wildlife and nature we can all live in harmony.

Stemming from the need for functional and self sustaing wildlife sanctuaries thoughout the world, and the serious obligation of society to meet the challenges of possible extinction of most primate, bird and wild cat species in the wild, The South African Animal sanctuary Alliance (SAASA) was born.

The vision of SAASA is a not for gain, we are a body which will strive to improve the lives of captive primates, birds, apex cats and other wildlife by relocating them to appropriate sanctuaries.

The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance's (SAASA) goal is to encourage understanding and commitment to the conservation of the world's wildlife, the need for healthy natural habitats and recognition of the interdependence of people, their natural environment and its component resources. SAASA is committed to reaching and engaging the largest number of people possible to enable them, through knowledge and understanding, to develop the motivation and skills to make informed choices about their lives in relation to the wise use of the natural resources around them.

The role of Monkeyland in Plettenberg Bay:

Monkeyland was the brainchild of Tony Blignaut whose dream was to create a forest sanctuary that restored the freedom of ex-captive primates. Having researched the situation of captive primates in South Africa he found that many exotic species lived in terrible conditions in people’s homes. Pet primate owners are often overwhelmed by the difficulties of keeping intelligent wild animals as pets and, prior to Monkeyland they had no place to turn for a more appropriate home. Other primates are kept in equally terrible conditions in circuses and laboratories. Furthermore, many zoos have ‘surplus’ primates, for which they no longer have space. And so, after much hard work, in 1998 the world’s first free-roaming, multi-species primate sanctuary was born.

In conjunction with offering ex-pets and zoo primates more appropriate homes in a semi-free roaming forest, primates will also be allowed to find their own friends, mates and companions and form family groups; in doing so the potential to breed will strengthen bonds and provide them with natural family structures. Part of the dream in the creation of Monkeyland was in the future, maybe not so far anymore, ‘give back to nature’, literally to one day have the ability to re-populate areas where previously these same species of primates used to roam but has been wiped out as result of human exploitation, logging, de-forestation, natural disasters like fire, etc. Hence certain species, all already endangered or critically endangered in the wild, will have the ability to re-produce for future reintroduction back into the wild, literally to safeguard the seeds for the future. In saying that, NO primate will ever be traded from Monkeyland to a private individual or institution/zoo unless it is for reintroduction back into the wild.

For more information about Monkeyland in Plettenberg Bay or any other SAASA sanctuaries - please contact Lara  at lara@monkeyland.co.za or call and/or whatsup her at +27(0)829795683