What we want is for guests to leave Monkeyland having gained a fuller understanding primates and the threats they face. A priority for us is that we educate the wider public on the pet-pay-and-play industry and the damaging physical and psychological effects it has on wild animals who are kept as pets.

To this end the #HandsOffOurWildlife campaign launched to spread awareness and make information readily available to those who come across it by chance as well as those who seek it. We also hope to inform visitors of the rapid decline in the quantity and condition of the world’s natural habitats and what they can do – with regards to logging, mining, agriculture and the expansion of human settlement – to slow, stop and ultimately reverse it.

We encourage our visitors to buy goods, in whatever form they come, with considered and well-informed thought given to the origin of these products and the impacts they may have on lab animals and the environment in general.

The custodian of all wildlife in Monkeyland, The Hidden Forest Wildlife Sanctuary, Jukani and Birds of Eden is the South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA).

SAASA is constituted under Section 21 of the Companies Act as a PBO 2000/000667/08. We are a body which strives to improve the lives of captive wildlife and simultaneously to challenge legislation which allows for and/or supports hands-on interaction and the trading of wildlife.

Please note that our sanctuaries have strict policies which prohibit the touching of the animals. Moreover, we do not condone any form of interaction with the wildlife in our care and our staff are contractually barred from interaction with the animals.