Monkeyland is a proud member of the South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA). It aims to spread awareness of the distressing conditions of the planet’s wildlife and show that, with a fuller understanding of the natural world, it is possible to co-exist in a symbiotic harmony.

Society’s responsibility to confront and reverse the possible extinctions facing many primate, bird and wild cat species – and the subsequent necessity for functional and self-sustaining wildlife sanctuaries – are the ideas at the heart of this alliance and the very reasons it came into being.

It’s vision isn’t one of gain, rather we are a collective determined to improve the lives of primates, birds, apex cats and other wildlife by rehoming them in appropriate sanctuaries.

SAASA encourages widespread recognition of the need for healthy, natural habitats and of the interdependence of people, their natural environments and their composite resources. It is an organisation devoted to motivate as many people as possible, through knowledge and understanding, to make informed and considered decisions with regard to the responsible use of the world’s natural resources. Ultimately, the South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance encourages commitment, and is itself committed, to the conservation of the world’s wildlife.

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