Worldwide Travel Benefits For All Skåleagues

1st July 2013
With the assistance of Task Force Chair Thom Vincent, we have negotiated an agreement with TIS, based in the UK. TIS is a trading name for Travelbrands which offers excellent worldwide travel discounts on hotels, travel packages, cruises and airfares to Travel Professionals. Our arrangement with TIS is that Skåleagues can avail of the industry discounts that they provide. Please go to the home page of our Skål website and  log in. In the right hand column towards the bottom, you will see a heading “Benefits” under which you will find a link for TIS. Click on this link and it will take you to the TIS registration page. Click on Register (Near login), and complete the simple form. Make sure to select Skål as your affiliation and use your Skål membership card number for the Employee number and create your password for future visits. Now you can visit the TIS website as often as you like to avail of great travel benefits.

The travel supplier sets the criteria for membership discounts, and many suppliers will allow family and friends to take advantage of their deals, similar to an Interline Discount Club.  

As all Skåleagues know, you can list your travel products to offer Skåleagues under the ‘Benefits’ section on our website.  Here Skåleagues can register for customized Skål travel deals. The TIS arrangement is in addition to our internal ‘Benefits’ program.

By simply taking one of the TIS travel deals, or using one of the travel benefits listed on our Skål website, you will go a long way to subsidize your Skål membership fees and see greater value for your Skål  membership…. in addition to the amicale, and doing business with friends, that Skål  is so well known for.  

We hope you register with TIS and utilize their travel special deals. Enjoy this Skål membership perk, and we look forward to bringing you more value added membership products.

Mok Singh