What Makes Monkeyland So Different

6th June 2010

Monkeyland is a modern primate sanctuary established in a pristine natural high canopy forest, which is well suited to those primates fortunate enough to live there. Perhaps the most significant aspect of the sanctuary is that it is both a multi-species and free-roaming facility. Monkeyland, which opened in 1998, is totally self sustaining from the revenue it derives from tourism. This revenue is generated by enthusiastic rangers who take visitors out on monkey safaris . The safaris, which are fun and exciting, are also educational and generally result in our guests leaving the sanctuary with a whole new focus on the primates of the world and the problems they are facing.

Monkeyland has through the establishment of the Touch a Monkeys Heart Foundation; a non-profit organisation or as they are better known in South Africa, a Section 21 Company, secured the future of all the primates which reach Monkeyland. Over and above being the sole custodian of all the primates at Monkeyland, The Foundation is also responsible for the development and implementation of The Eden Syndrome, which is the process used at Monkeyland to prepare previously caged primates for their eventual release into the sanctuary.

Possibly the most important aspect emanating from the existence of the sanctuary is that Monkeyland is a living example that these wonderful creatures can be kept in an almost wild state. From this must surely come the realisation that re-introducing primates to their habitats of origin from this wilder state must stand a far greater chance of success.

Lunch in the lively Monkeyland forest is a unique experience. It is the only eating spot in the world where you can actually sip your coffee while you watch a large variety of primates, from all over the world, playing - enjoying their newfound freedom.

Entrance to Monkeyland is free, however there is a fee for the guided safaris. Note that these guided safaris are open ended which means that one may go on as many safaris as you wish, in a given day, having only paid for the first excursion.

A visit to Monkeyland is a must for every local resident of and visitor to The Garden Route.

So swing by and visit this awesome monkey kingdom!!