Scandalous Celebs

3rd June 2013
Justin Bieber’s Monkey Business: Justin Bieber may not have fathered a baby with Mariah Yeater, but he did receive a baby capuchin monkey as a 19th birthday gift from music producer Jamal “Mally Mall” Rashid. The problem is, Justin tried to bring the 14-month-old fella — whom he named OG Mally — with him to Germany during his tour, despite not having the proper documents. Justin continued his tour, sans O.G., who is now receiving proper care at an animal shelter.

Kim Kardashian’s Cat-astrophe: OK, this one’s pretty sad: Kim Kardashian got an adorable teacup persian cat back in Sept. 2012 and named her Mercy, after boyfriend Kanye West‘s song, of course. But when Kim discovered a ‘surprise cat allergy,’ she gave Mercy over to Khloé Kardashian‘s assistant Sydney, whom she lived with happily — for about three months, and then she died. Cause of death? A “surprise stomach problem” that Kim “wasn’t aware of.”

The IKEA Monkey’s Floor-Length Scandal: A blessed little monkey named Darwin captured the world’s attention — and hearts — in Dec. 2012 when he strolled into a Toronto IKEA wearing the most exquisite floor-length shearling coat anyone had ever seen. But the situation went from cute to catastrophic when authorities discovered Darwin’s “owners” were “owning” him illegally. He’s now living at an animal shelter, though there’s still no word on who got to keep the exquisite floor-length shearling coat.

Justin Bieber Ham-stirs Up Trouble: That’s right, Justin appears on this list twice. A few months before the OG Malley debacle, Justin had an adorable little hamster named PAC, whom he loved so much… that he gave him away to a screaming fan in Atlanta. Tori McClure, the 18-year-old who received the hamster, soon reported back that he had died, and she buried him in her backyard. Cause of death? Possible ‘renal failure.’