Bradgelina But Not For Long!

9th June 2010

This makes us Black Lemurs rather indispensable doesn’t it? I however don’t wish to caught chatting about this today – my current problem is Angelina.  She does not love me anymore.  Angie (as I call her) is confused, she is totally in love with Tarzan – a Spider Monkey!!! (generally known as Mr Cool). 


Why? Simply because he is black and large (I wish I was that size!!!! Tarzan is 5 times bigger than me).


I want to demand a name change because I think that by naming me Brad Pitt and naming my other half, Angelina Jolie, Monkeyland has JINXED us as a couple.  I am groping here, but it seems like the real-life celeb couple are on the verge of splitting up constantly.  They also seem to adopt loads of kids, but never seem quite ‘balanced’


Anyway, my girl “Angie” thinks the celeb couple are worth hero-worshiping even though I disapprove.  Please helpme to get my Angie. How?


First option: Just wish us together.. 


There is a book a friend of mine is reading called “The Secret”.  I need her back.  Read the book please. I love her.  Help me.  Think positive.  “The Secret” apparently has all the clues.


Think of it this way – if it does not help me – at least it might help you?.


Alternatively the option is to beg Lara (she gives all the names here at Monkeyland) to change my and Angie’s names – please pick a HAPPY couple!!!!! Email Lara at If your email inspires her change our names (please give your reasons for the name change) you will win a ticket for four people to visit both Monkeyland and Birds of Eden.


Help me to save my girl from loosing her love for me - pleeeeeeeeeaase.  Lara’s email address is - please include your email or telephone details – Lara WILL contact you ASAP if she decides to choose YOUR choice of names.