Alan Winde's Statement

6th November 2012
He has already been booked into the cells and I have laid a charged against him.
This incident has steeled my resolve to make cycling and walking to work safer and easier for everyone in the Western Cape.
Following the death of a cyclist last week in Kalk Bay, we began the process of arranging a Cycling Safety Summit together with the City of Cape Town, Western Cape Departments of Community Safety, Transport, Cultural Affairs and Sport. At this event, to be held on November 12, we will be speaking to cycling organisations to discuss ways to make cycling safer.
I have also reported this morning’s incident to JP Smith, the City of Cape Town MAYCO member for Safety and Security. He has assured me his team will look into this matter.
To the South African Police Service, I would like to say a big thank you for all that you have already done to ensure that justice is served.
To the man who stole my cellphone, your actions will not deter me, and the many others who enjoy cycling in our city, from returning to my bike.
Next week, I will be back on my bike. You, on the other hand, will be in jail.