Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa

Award Winning Sanctuaries

The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA) consisting of Monkeyland, Birds of Eden and The Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary are the current winners of the Lilizela Service Excellence Awards - Best Visitor Experience 'Wildlife Encounters'; Skål International Sustainable Tourism Award - Best Major Attraction; winner of the 'Best Animal Welfare Initiative' and overall winner of the World Responsible Tourism Awards.
Monkeyland is the world's first and currently only multi-species free-roaming primate sanctuary.
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welcome to monkeyland - a true primate sanctuary

Monkeyland is the worlds first free roaming multi-specie primate sanctuary.

Monkeyland has as one of its aims, to create awareness about the plight of primates and to show that with a greater understanding of our primate cousins, that we can all live in harmony.

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Interview with Kara Moses

Mongabay: What is your background?

Kara Moses: I’ve been fascinated with an...

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Sahamalaza sportive lemur

Lepilemur sahamalazensis

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monkeyland photo gallery - most recent pictures

Pretty Belinda at the restaurant
Black-and-white Ruffed lemur sleeping
Bruni + Kecubung - the Lar Gibbons
Squirrel Monkey with baby
Black-and-white ruffed lemur
ringtail lemur
Squirrel monkey
Spectacled langur at the restaurant
Atifer - peekaboo
Squirrel monkeys in the trees
Guest on the Monkeyland bridge
Ringtails with baby
Ruffed lemur in the forest
Atlas the gibbon
vervet monkeys on the bridge
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"A hypocrite is the kind of person who would cut down a yellowwood, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation. "
Christian Schauerte, curator of primates, Monkeyland



GPS Co-ordinates:
Turn off to Monkeyland & Birds of Eden
from N2 S33 56' 46.09" E23 29' 8.13"
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