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Animal Abuse Quotes

While there are many forms of animal abuse, any kind of neglect or violence towards an animal constitutes cruelty. It is an issue that many people feel strongly about and have waxed eloquent about it. Their expressions make up this compilation of animal abuse quotes.

A Day In The Life Of A Monkeyland Volunteer

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Amber Woods volunteered at Monkeyland during 2005

The Eden Syndrome

Eden Syndrome is the process by which caged primates and birds have been successfully rehabilitated to a wilder state, and allowed greater freedom of movement and choice while remaining captive.   The Eden syndromme process has been successfully used at “Monkeyland “ and Birds of Eden for the rehabilitation of 450-odd primates, and several thousand birds and other previously captive wild animals.

What Is The Bush Meat Crisis

Bushmeat is the most significant blow to wildlife populations in Central Africa. Bushmeat is the word assigned to the unsustainable over utilization of the wildlife resources of Central Africa and other parts of the world where forests are being denuded of its wildlife inhabitants.

Animal Testing In Cosmetic Industry

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Animal testing in the cosmetic industry is known to use inhuman methods to test the various products. Here’s a look at some factors associated with animal testing in cosmetic industry.

Animal Testing Facts

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It is sad that the self proclaimed ‘superior’ in the animal kingdom should use products and medication at the expense of the death and abuse of lower species. It is important to stay updated on the facts about animal testing.

This Is What Captivity Is Like For Primates And Or Birds

Captivity is dangerous, It’s threatening, It’s cruel,

Defining What Is A Good Product And What's Bad

Testing of chemicals and consumer products accounts for roughly 10 to 20 percent of the use of animals in laboratories (or approximately two to four million animals yearly) in the U.S.   From the Editors of E/The Environmental Magazine 2003

Vivisection Study Finds 115 Million Animals Used

Liechtenstein and San Marino are the only countries which have banned animal testing altogether. About 115 million animals were used in scientific research globally in 2005, according to an estimate based on official national figures and extrapolations from the number of scientific papers that were published involving animals.

1 In 10 Animals And Plants Will Be Extinct By 2050

Global warming will kill off 1million species and scientists are shocked by results of research - it is estimated that 1 in 10 animals and plants extinct by 2050

France Tries To Overturn Eu Animal Testing Ban

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France and a group of cosmetics ingredients manufacturers have launched legal action to try and overturn the 7th amendment to the EU Cosmetics Directive, which contains a combined "animal testing and sales" ban for cosmetics and toiletries. An opinion poll taken in February 2003 revealed that 60% of French citizens favor a total ban on cosmetics animal testing.

Global Warming Myths And Facts

Global Warming has long been an issue to individuals as well as authorities. Here are some details about Global Warming, which will help one decide whether Global Warming is a fact or a myth.

Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal behavior in animals enables them to remain active at night and sleep in the daytime. This article on nocturnal animals list will help you understand insects, birds and animals that can hunt and survive in the dark.

Most Endangered Species Of Animals

The list of most endangered species is becoming lengthier with time. More and more species are getting added in this list as the human race continues its ruthless march towards prosperity at the cost of others.

Pet Chimp Mauls Woman

Travis (1995 – February 16, 2009) was a male chimpanzee who appeared in American television shows and commercials. Travis suddenly and viciously attacked Charla Nash, a friend of his keeper, causing loss of her eyes, nose, face, and hands. He was fatally shot by police during the incident.

Monkey Species Eaten Into Extinction

A monkey species was eaten Into extinction receintly and the gorilla could be next  Hunters are slaughtering African wildlife to supply the African and International (especially the UK meat trade),

Bushmeat Trade Threatens Madagascar's Rare Lemurs

Shocking pictures of slaughtered lemurs killed for bush meat have been released by Conservation International.

Primate Protection

According to figures published by the World Conservation Union (IUCN), more than 110 species of primates-nearly half of the world's total-are currently under threat of extinction.

Cites And The Wild Bird Trade

Wildlife trade is big business. Alongside the illegal trade in arms and drugs, the smuggling of animals, plants and their parts, is one of the biggest challenges in terms of combating international crime. Some flagship species for conservation, such as the tiger and African elephant, have been notably affected. As for birds, nearly 4,000 species involving several million individuals annually are subject to domestic or international trade. Heavily affected groups include finches, weavers, parrots...

Sa's National Bird Is Threatened By The Illegal Trade

In the latter part of February 2010 alone, nine Blue Cranes were confiscated in four separate incidences of illegal removal from their Karoo habitat.