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Monkey And Gorilla Jokes And Riddles

What kind of a key opens a banana? (A monkey!) Why did the monkey like the banana? (Because it had appeal!) What did the banana say to the monkey? (Nothing, bananas can't talk!) What do monkeys do for laughs? (They tell jokes about people!)

Chinese 2013 Horoscope For The Rooster

What are Roosters most well known for? Probably their honestly and loyalty, both of which show positive growth in the Chinese 2013 horoscope for Rooster. In 2013 year of the black Snake natives of sign Rooster will finally be able to hone these attributes for the benefit of virtually everything in their lives. 2013 horoscope - The Rooster In Love The Rooster's love life in 2013 year of Snake will be affected greatly by their loyalty. Does that mean it will be affected in a positive way? Tha...

The Chinese 2013 Horoscope For Monkey

The Chinese 2013 horoscope for Monkey shows us that you're in for a spectacular year. That's not to say that in 2013 year of the black Snake everything will be perfect for you - after all, when are things perfect? - but you will experience a year where the sun seems to shine a little brighter and things seem to go your way. 2013 horoscope - The Monkey In Love There may be some turmoil in your love life this 2013 year of the Snake, but it's all good in the end, Monkey. The Chinese 2013 horos...

Monkeys' Plant Food Makes Them Mean & Horny

It's an apparent case of hormones going haywire: When male monkeys eat plants with compounds that mimic the feminizing hormone estrogen, they become less likely to groom each other and more likely to mate or act aggressive, a new study finds.   The research is the first to observe the connection between plant-based estrogenic compounds, or phytoestrogens, and behavior in wild primates — in this case, a group of red colobus monkeys in Uganda. Michael Wasserman, a researcher at McGill...

Outgoing Gorillas Live Longer Than Shy Ones

Extroverted gorillas in captivity outlive their shy brethren, a new study of these great apes in North American zoos and sanctuaries finds. Using methods adapted from studying human personality, keepers, volunteers, researchers and other caretakers gauged 298 individual gorillas' temperaments. These gorillas were followed over 18 years and their life spans recorded. The results revealed the the more sociable, active, playful and curious the gorilla, the longer it was likely to live.   ...

Are Western Chimpanzees A New Species Of Pan?

What if I told you there were populations of chimpanzees that made spears to hunt, lived in caves, and loved playing in water? These are behaviors usually associated with ancient humans, not chimpanzees. However, recent research has revealed that there are populations of western chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes verus) that engage in all of these behaviours, and it is challenging our current understanding of chimpanzee taxonomy. In other words, they may not be chimpanzees!

Research Chimps Get Permanent Retirement Home

More than 100 chimps retired from medical research are about to get a new home. Most of the primates who have been living at the New Iberia Research Center will soon make their permanent residence at the Chimp Haven sanctuary, the National Institutes of Health said Wednesday.

Disaster Map Predicts Bleak Future For Mammals

Mammals could be at a greater risk of extinction due to predicted increases in extreme weather conditions, states a paper published today by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

Bird Watching Catagories

Ornithologist: A term regularly used by non-birders to describe people who are involved in bird related activities, and which implies a professional involvement. The use normally makes birders cringe, and very few birdwatchers describe themselves with this term, although a scientist (see below) could probably correctly use this term. Scientist: A person professionally involved in birding (in this case) and who consequently finds himself in the fortunate position of earning money from birding an...

The Hundreth Monkey

The Japanese monkey, Macaca Fuscata, had been observed in the wild for a period of over 30 years. In 1952, on the island of Koshima, scientists were providing monkeys with sweet potatoes dropped in the sand. The monkey liked the taste of the raw sweet potatoes, but they found the dirt unpleasant.

The Green Monkeys Of Barbados

All across Barbados you will find this michevious little creatures including in the gullies that run across the island and even in peoples gardens! The green monkeys found in Barbados originally came from Senegal and the Gambia in West Africa approximately 350 years ago. About 75 generations have occurred since these monkeys arrived in Barbados and, as a result of environmental differences and evolution, the Barbados monkeys today have different characteristics than those in West Africa.

Monkey Brain Area Keeps Count Of Kindnesses

Becky Summers wrote the following article for The primates have an altruistic 'tally chart' that keeps track of social rewards and gifts. Monkeys can be kind to their neighbours — and they have a specific brain region which appears to record their good deeds.

Rovia Named ‘world's Leading Travel Booking Website’ At 2012 World Travel Awards

Elite travel industry awards program recognizes Rovia’s innovative technology NEW DEHLI and PLANO, TX December 18, 2012/ -- Rovia ( is proud to announce it was awarded World’s Leading Travel Booking Website at the 2012 World Travel Awards held in Gurgaon, New Delhi, on December 12, and was selected over other leading booking engines such as Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, and Travelocity. World Travel Awards is one of the most prestigious awards programs in the global t...

Meet Gorillas With Stebar Safaris

Stebar Safaris brings greetings to you hoping all is well with you. We are pleased to inform you that, the Uganda wildlife Authority has decided to reduce the Prices of the Gorilla Permits from 0 to 0 coincide with the Uganda’s celebrations of marking 50years of Independence. These rates are running only during the Months of November 2012, April 2013 and May 2013 only.

More Companies Enhance Online Presence Through Tourplan

Tour d’Afrique as well as sister companies, ATG, Inspirations Travel & Tours, are the latest companies to implement Tourplan. Tour d’Afrique is implementing Tourplan to further enhance their online presence with their trade partners. “This will enable us to provide either a web-based booking facility or a direct interface for our clients. We believe that the Tourplan technology offering will allow us to grow our business more efficiently,” said Craig van Rooyen, Di...

Social Media Is The Most Important Factor To Inspire Travel

The majority of travellers under the age of 34 (87%) use Facebook to choose their destination, according to the global Text100 Digital Index: Travel & Tourism study. Commissioned by Text100 Global Communications, the study surveyed 4,600 consumers in 13 countries.  It examined the increasing importance of social media and mobile technology, globally and regionally, during the four major stages of a consumer's travel decision-cycle:  inspiration, decision, purchase and experience...

Discovered: The New Species Of Borneo's Enigmatic Primate With A Toxic Bite

An international team of scientists studying the elusive nocturnal primate the slow loris in the jungles of Borneo have discovered an entirely new species. The team's analysis of the primate's distinctive facial fur markings, published in the American Journal of Primatology, reveals the existence of one entirely new species, while two of species, previously considered as possible sub-species, are being officially recognized as unique.

Unwto: One Billion International Tourists Milestone Reached

One billion tourists have travelled the world in 2012, marking a new record for international tourism – a sector that accounts for one in every 12 jobs and 30 per cent of the world’s services exports. On the symbolic arrival date of the one-billionth tourist, UNWTO revealed the actions tourists can take to ensure their trips benefit the people and places they visit, as voted by the public. International tourism has continued to grow in 2012, despite global economic uncertainty, t...

First Ever Tv Advertising Campaign From Kuoni

Leading travel brand, Kuoni, is to launch its first ever dedicated television advertising campaign on Boxing Day 2012. There are two different creative versions that will run until January 19th 2013. They will portray celebrations overseas, specifically honeymoons and special occasion birthdays.

Explore South Africa With’s Range Of Domestic Flights!

As a site dedicated to all matters related to South African travel, we here at are proud to offer the best prices on domestic flights in South Africa. Oftentimes, travelers discover that searching for cheap flights domestically can actually be more of a quest than finding international flights. That’s because depending on the desired destination and the time of the year, there may be less airlines flying into the particular desired airport or city destination. When this happens, ...