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The day dawned beautifully clear, and the daylight showed that our hotel had a magnificent setting.  The hotel lawns were expansive and well-landscaped, and the Keurboums River was visible from our room at the edge of the hotel.

Why Some Monkeys Make Better Liars

Monkeys may see, hear and speak no evil, but they sure can be naughty, according to the first study to compare the ability of monkeys to deceive others in order to get food.

Social Conformity 'not Unique To Humans'

Study at St Andrews University of capuchin monkeys finds animals will copy the behaviour of others in their community.

Monkeys Recognize Their Pals In Photo's

This is the first indication they understand what 2-D images represent, researchers say FRIDAY, Dec. 4 (HealthDay News)

Can Monkeys Mislead?

Capuchin monkeys cry "predator" to trick more senior members of their troop into fleeing the dinner table, leaving more food for themselves, according to a study published online in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Are Our Packages Going Stale?

Both European and North American tour operators are clear in their request to South African tourism businesses – ‘We want new and innovative experiences and products to sell!’.

20 November 2009 Blog

The plan was to take the bus in the evening to go to Plettenburg Bay, but met a few people at the Knysna Backpackers who were driving down to Plett after a visit to Monkeyland and Birds of Eden.

Cape Town Was Voted Number One!


Monkey Mothering

It's holiday season all over Plettenberg Bay... but the monkeys at the Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary near Nature's Valley are not on holidays at all. In fact, this is the busiest time of year for them, since it's baby season. Nearly all primates give birth to their young at the beginning of summer, because this is when there is the most food available in the wild.

Twinning Primates

Three of Monkeyland's ringtailed lemurs gave birth to a single baby last month and the end of September saw the birth of our first twins for the season in the same species. So one baby? or two? or more? What exactly is the norm in the primate world?

Flossing Monkeys

11 March 2009 Tokyo - Thai monkeys have been observed showing their young how to floss - proof primates teach offspring to use tools, a Japanese researcher said Wednesday.

The Beast And The Monkey

The beasts of the forest gave a splendid entertainment at which the Monkey stood up and danced. Having vastly delighted the assembly, he sat down amidst universal applause.

The Monkey And The Sailor

A sailor, bound on a long voyage, took with him a Monkey to amuse him while on shipboard.

The Monkey And Their Mother

The monkey, it is said, has two young ones at each birth.

The Dacing Monkeys

A prince had some Monkeys trained to dance. Being naturally great mimics of men's actions, they showed themselves most apt pupils, and when arrayed in their rich clothes and masks, they danced as well as any of the courtiers.

The Monkey And The Fisherman

A Monkey perched upon a lofty tree saw some Fishermen casting their nets into a river, and narrowly watched their proceedings.

Jupiter And The Monkey

Jupiter issued a proclamation to all the beasts of the forest and promised a royal reward to the one whose offspring should be deemed the handsomest.

The Fox And The Monkey

A mnkey once danced in an assembly of the Beasts, and so pleased them all by his performance that they elected him their King.

The Cat And The Monkey

A Monkey and a Cat lived in the same family, and it was hard to tell which was the greatest thief.

Pawanputra Hanuman

This is the story of Pawanputra Hanuman, the mighty monkey-god. Do you know how he was born? The story of his birth is as fascinating as his mighty deeds.