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The Mona Monkey

Cercopithecus mona

L'hoest's Monkey

Cercopithecus l'hoesti

Diana Monkeys

Cercopithecus diana

The Wolf's Mona Monkey

Cercopithecus wolfi

The Silver Monkey

Cercopithecus doggetti

The Golden Monkey

Cercopithecus kandti

The Bonnet Macaque

Macaca radiata

The Celebes Crested Macaque

Macaca nigra

The Lion-tailed Macaque

Macaca silenus

The Japanese Macaque

Macaca fuscata

Iol Reports

Hosting the first World Cup in the age of Twitter, South Africa has discovered unexpected benefits in the campaign to market the country in record-setting posts by celebrities and fans alike.

Female Baboons Are So Clever!

Female Baboons Find a Secret to Longevity: Close Girlfriends   Apparently, in the animal kingdom, it’s better to be a girl. We have seen that women macaques are superior conversationalists. We learned that lady humpbacks enjoy long-lasting friendships. Now research published in Current Biology shows that baboon ladies with good friends around them may live longer.

The Cockatiel

Nymphicus hollandicus

The Monk Parakeet

Fast Facts about Quaker Parrots    The Quaker Parrot is a small green bird about 12 inches in length with a gray head and chest. However, selective breeding has created "designer" colors such as blue, pallid, pallid blue, yellow, and others.

Red Lory

Eos bornea

The Mute Swan

Cygnus Olor

Fire Ant Antics

Queen & Workers "negotiate" the colony's sex ratio:   Ants have a complex social structure. Case in point: some scientists used to think that worker ants are all females who control the queen (a simple egg-laying machine) and kill their brothers while still larvae.

The Argentine Lake Duck

Argentine Lake Duck: Very Well-Endowed, Can Even Lasso a Female.   The Argentine lake duck may be small, but don’t take pity on it. See, the drake (male duck) of the lowly fowl has the longest penis of any bird species in the world.

What Did The Celeb Visitors Say

World Cup celebrities praise S.Africa on Twitter   By Sibongile Khumalo (AFP) – Jun 29, 2010  

Local Celebs Enjoyed The Fifa Experience Too

Local celebs share their World Cup experience   Jul 11, 2010 11:46 PM | By Gabisile Ndebele