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Monkeys Throw Throwing Poop

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Anyone who has ever strolled through a Zoo can tell you that if you hear a crowd of people screaming it can mean only one of two things:

1) A polar bear has escaped and is on a kill crazy rampage.

2) A monkey is throwing poop at people.

Ninety-nine percent of the time it is the latter, which raises the questions:

Why do monkeys throw their feces?

and more importantly...

Why do humans find it so damn entertaining?

Zoologists claim, that for monkeys, throwing feces is a defense mechanism.  They will do it when they feel threatened or angry.  There is a flaw to this widely accepted theory however, for studies have shown that monkeys will also resort to poo tossing when they are bored. Which means that throwing feces must be more than a mere defense mechanism. It must also be a crap load of fun! This has lead me to my own theory, which like all my theories, is rooted deeply in slapstick comedy.

Monkeys throwing feces is the primate equivalent of the pie in the face gag.

We all know that monkeys are all natural born entertainers. Monkeys don't have access to comedy devices such as pies, seltzer bottles, or Burt Reynolds, so like any great showman they use what is available to them- their poo.

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The squirrel monkey is thought to be one of the most intelligent species of primate. It has the largest brain to body mass ratio of all the monkey species in the world.
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