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The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA) consisting of Monkeyland, Birds of Eden and The Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary are the current winners of the Lilizela Service Excellence Awards - Best Visitor Experience 'Wildlife Encounters'; Skål International Sustainable Tourism Award - Best Major Attraction; winner of the 'Best Animal Welfare Initiative' and overall winner of the World Responsible Tourism Awards.
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Lilizela Tourism Awards SKAL International Sustainable Tourism Awards World Responsible Tourism Awards World Responsible Tourism Awards
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21 Fun Tips To Help Teach Kids To Respect Animals Today

You love your pets and animals in general. You want to share that love and respect with your children. Teaching your kids to respect animals can also help you teach them to care for and respect other humans. Here are a few ways you can help your children be kind and caring to other creatures.

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The Stuff Of Nightmares\': Us Primate Research Centers Investigated For Abuses

A long-tailed macaque, one of the most common monkeys used for research into infections diseases or psychology. Photograph: David Longstreath

Nine US research centers that receive millions of dollars in federal funding are being investigated over the mistreatment of primates, prompting calls for the facilities to be shut down.
Incidents include the deaths of dozens of monkeys from strangulation, water deprivation and poor handling by staff. Other primates have died while trying to escape, while others have been injured so badly they required amputations.
Animal welfare campaigners called the litany of allegations against the research organizations “the stuff of nightmares”. The university and private research facilities hold thousands of primates for research and collectively receive more than 0m in taxpayer money from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) confirmed to GuardianUS that it is investigating the University of Texas, Alpha Genesis, University of Louisiana, Lafayette, Primate Products, University of California, Davis, Texas Biomedical Research Institute, Emory University and the University of Wisconsin, Madison, over potential violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

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Aging Bonobos Become Farsighted, Just Like Humans

A male bonobo known as

Bonobos have a decidedly low-tech solution to farsightedness, scientists have found.
Rather than donning glasses to bring objects that are near into sharper focus, aging bonobos just adjust their position, particularly when grooming their hairy pals.  
Researchers noted that when older bonobos groomed their neighbors, they sat back and extended their arms farther than younger bonobos did — and they stretched their arms even more over time. In the new study, scientists identified this shift in position as an adjustment to compensate for deteriorating eyesight. 

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The Wild Wildlife Of Monkeyland

Here is the proof that I am sharing my world with wild animals.
One of my favourite things about living in a rural area (The Crags - Plettenberg Bay) is that I share my world with wild animals.  This morning when I arrived at work the wild animals decided for me that I will be late getting into my office. 

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7 Big Secrets About Primate Experiments In Australia

Primates are our closest living relatives, and yet for those born into Australia’s animal research industry it is their ‘uniquely human’ qualities that are ultimately costing them their freedom  - and their lives ...

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That our suspension bridge at monkeyland is the longest in Africa.

It is 128m long!
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